Burlington Stores on Glassdoor: Insights and Reviews for Job Seekers

Employee satisfaction and company culture at Burlington Stores

Are you looking for a career at a company that values its employees and provides a positive work environment? Look no further than Burlington Stores. In this article, we will explore the employee satisfaction and company culture at Burlington Stores, giving you an inside look at why it is the ideal place to work.

Employee Satisfaction

One of the key factors that sets Burlington Stores apart from its competitors is its commitment to employee satisfaction. With a Glassdoor rating of 4.2/5, it is clear that employees are truly happy working at Burlington Stores. This high rating is a testament to the company’s dedication to creating a positive work environment.

One of the reasons why employees love working at Burlington Stores is the opportunities for growth and advancement. The company offers a variety of training programs and career development initiatives, ensuring that employees have the tools and support they need to succeed. Whether you are starting at an entry-level position or looking to move up the ladder, Burlington Stores provides a clear path for advancement.

Not only does Burlington Stores invest in its employees’ professional development, but it also prioritizes their well-being and work-life balance. The company offers competitive compensation packages, including generous benefits such as healthcare, retirement plans, and employee discounts. Burlington Stores understands the importance of taking care of its employees, and this is reflected in the high levels of job satisfaction.

Company Culture

Burlington Stores is known for its inclusive and welcoming company culture. The company values diversity and fosters an environment where everyone feels respected and appreciated. Employees at Burlington Stores report feeling supported by their colleagues and management, creating a sense of unity and camaraderie within the organization.

Another aspect of Burlington Stores’ company culture is its commitment to giving back to the community. The company actively participates in philanthropic initiatives, supporting various charitable organizations. This dedication to making a positive impact outside of the workplace creates a sense of purpose and fulfillment among employees.

Moreover, Burlington Stores prioritizes transparency and communication. Open and honest communication channels are established, allowing employees to voice their opinions and concerns. This fosters a culture of trust and collaboration, ensuring that everyone feels heard and valued.

In Conclusion

If you are seeking a career at a company that values its employees and promotes a positive work environment, look no further than Burlington Stores. With its high employee satisfaction ratings and inclusive company culture, Burlington Stores provides an ideal workplace for individuals looking to grow and succeed. Join Burlington Stores today and be part of a team that truly cares about its employees!

Benefits of working at Burlington Stores
  • Opportunities for growth and career advancement
  • Competitive compensation and generous benefits
  • Inclusive and welcoming company culture
  • Commitment to philanthropy and giving back
  • Transparent communication channels

Pros and Cons of Working at Burlington Stores: Insights from Glassdoor Reviews


If you are considering working at Burlington Stores or simply curious about the employee experience, it’s important to gather insights from reliable sources. Glassdoor, a leading job and recruitment platform, offers a wealth of employee reviews that shed light on the pros and cons of working at various companies, including Burlington Stores.


  • Opportunities for Growth: Many Glassdoor reviews highlight the numerous opportunities for career advancement at Burlington Stores. Employees appreciate the company’s commitment to promoting from within, providing a clear path for personal and professional development.
  • Positive and Supportive Work Environment: Numerous employees mention the positive and inclusive work environment fostered by Burlington Stores. According to Glassdoor reviews, colleagues and managers are supportive, fostering a sense of camaraderie and teamwork within the organization.
  • Employee Discounts: One of the coveted benefits of working at Burlington Stores is the employee discount. Glassdoor reviews frequently highlight this perk, which allows employees to enjoy significant savings on merchandise offered by the company.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Many employees appreciate the flexibility in scheduling offered by Burlington Stores. This flexibility allows individuals to maintain a work-life balance and meet personal commitments outside of work.
  • Competitive Pay and Benefits: According to Glassdoor reviews, Burlington Stores offers competitive pay and benefits packages. Employees appreciate the company’s commitment to compensating its workforce fairly and providing a comprehensive benefits package.


  • Workload: Some Glassdoor reviews mention that the workload at Burlington Stores can be demanding, particularly during peak shopping seasons. While the fast-paced nature of the retail industry is expected, it’s worth considering if you thrive under such conditions.
  • Communication Challenges: A few employees have expressed communication challenges within the organization. According to Glassdoor reviews, improvements in internal communication could enhance overall efficiency and collaboration.
  • Work-Life Balance: While many employees appreciate the flexible scheduling, a few have mentioned that maintaining a work-life balance can be challenging at times. This is something to consider if you prioritize a strict balance between work and personal life.


Based on the insights provided by Glassdoor reviews, working at Burlington Stores offers numerous benefits for career growth, a positive work environment, employee discounts, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay and benefits. However, it’s essential to consider potential challenges such as workload, communication, and work-life balance.

Before making a decision, it’s always advisable to explore multiple sources of information and weigh the pros and cons based on your individual preferences and career goals. Ultimately, the unique experiences and perspectives of current and former employees can provide invaluable insights to help you make an informed decision about working at Burlington Stores.

Tips and Advice for Job Seekers Considering a Career at Burlington Stores: Insights from Glassdoor

Why Burlington Stores?

Burlington Stores is one of the leading off-price retailers in the United States. With over 700 stores across the country, they offer an exciting and dynamic work environment for individuals seeking a career in retail.

What do Employees Say?

Glassdoor, the popular job and recruiting website, provides valuable insights into the employee experience at Burlington Stores. Here are some key takeaways from reviews and ratings:

  • Positive Work Environment: Many employees appreciate the positive work atmosphere at Burlington Stores, emphasizing a friendly and supportive team culture.
  • Growth Opportunities: Several reviews highlight the company’s commitment to promoting from within and providing opportunities for career growth. Burlington Stores values employee development and offers various training programs.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Many employees appreciate the flexibility in scheduling, allowing for a better work-life balance.
  • Employee Discounts: Burlington Stores offers generous employee discounts, which employees find advantageous.
  • Competitive Pay: Numerous reviews mention the competitive pay rates offered by Burlington Stores, making it an attractive choice for job seekers.

Tips for Job Seekers:

If you are considering a career at Burlington Stores, here are some valuable tips to help you succeed:

  1. Research the Company: Before applying, take the time to research the company’s history, values, and goals. This will help align your aspirations with Burlington Stores’ mission.
  2. Showcase Your Retail Experience: Highlight any previous retail experience on your resume and during the interview process. Emphasize your customer service skills, ability to work in a fast-paced environment, and willingness to learn.
  3. Highlight Teamwork and Collaboration: Burlington Stores values teamwork and collaboration. Demonstrate your ability to work well with others and contribute positively to a team-oriented environment.
  4. Be Prepared for Behavioral Questions: During interviews, expect behavioral questions that assess your problem-solving skills, adaptability, and customer service abilities. Prepare thoughtful and specific examples from your previous experiences.
  5. Express Your Interest in Career Growth: Demonstrate your enthusiasm for growth opportunities within the company. Highlight your willingness to learn and develop new skills.
  6. Showcase Your Commitment: Burlington Stores seeks dedicated individuals who are committed to providing excellent customer service. Demonstrate your dedication to meeting customer needs and going above and beyond.

In Conclusion

Burlington Stores offers a promising career path for job seekers in the retail industry. Leveraging insights from Glassdoor, it is evident that employees enjoy a positive work environment, growth opportunities, flexible scheduling, and competitive pay rates. By following the tips outlined above, you can enhance your chances of securing a fulfilling career at Burlington Stores. Good luck!

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