JM Wilkerson: Pioneering Excellence in Construction Since 1874

A Legacy of Excellence: The History and Evolution of JM Wilkerson Construction

Welcome to the captivating story of JM Wilkerson Construction, where excellence meets innovation in the world of construction. With a rich history spanning several decades, JM Wilkerson Construction has established itself as a formidable player in the industry, constantly pushing boundaries and setting new standards of excellence.

A Humble Beginning

Founded in 1978 by John M. Wilkerson, JM Wilkerson Construction started as a small family-owned business with a passion for construction. From the very beginning, their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction set them apart from the competition.

Initially, JM Wilkerson Construction focused primarily on residential projects, building solid relationships with homeowners through their attention to detail and impeccable craftsmanship. As word-of-mouth spread, their reputation for excellence grew, paving the way for larger and more ambitious endeavors.

Rapid Growth and Diversification

As demand for their services expanded, JM Wilkerson Construction ventured into commercial construction, harnessing their expertise to tackle projects of varying scales and complexities. From office buildings and retail spaces to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, their portfolio diversified, showcasing their adaptability and versatility in delivering exceptional results.

Under the visionary leadership of John M. Wilkerson, the company witnessed rapid growth, attracting top talent from the industry and nurturing a culture of innovation and continuous improvement. Their commitment to staying ahead of the curve led to the adoption of cutting-edge technologies and sustainable building practices, solidifying their position as industry leaders.

A Legacy of Excellence

Today, JM Wilkerson Construction stands tall as a testament to their commitment to excellence. Their exceptional work has garnered numerous awards and accolades, including recognition as one of the top construction firms in the region. Their unwavering dedication to quality, safety, and integrity sets them apart, making them the preferred choice for clients seeking construction solutions that exceed expectations.

As they forge ahead into the future, JM Wilkerson Construction remains committed to their founding principles. Every project they undertake is approached with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring every aspect is flawlessly executed. Their passion for excellence combined with their client-centric approach ensures that each project is delivered on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.


The history and evolution of JM Wilkerson Construction is a true testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation. With a humble beginning and a steadfast dedication to quality, they have grown into a distinguished leader in the construction industry, leaving a lasting legacy of exceptional projects and satisfied clients. To experience the JM Wilkerson Construction difference, contact them today for all your construction needs.

Cutting-Edge Innovations: JM Wilkerson’s Contributions to the Construction Industry

When it comes to revolutionizing the construction industry, there is one name that stands out above the rest – JM Wilkerson Construction. With a rich history spanning over three decades, JM Wilkerson has consistently proven their expertise and commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in construction.

Bold Vision, Unparalleled Results

At JM Wilkerson, innovation is at the heart of everything they do. Their team of skilled professionals is driven by a bold vision to redefine the construction landscape and deliver unparalleled results for their clients. Through their cutting-edge innovations, they have set new benchmarks in the industry and raised the bar for excellence.

Industry-Leading Technologies

Utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, JM Wilkerson has transformed the way construction projects are executed. Their dedication to staying ahead of the curve is evident in their use of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software. This advanced technology allows for precise planning, seamless collaboration, and efficient project management, resulting in faster construction timelines and significant cost savings.

In addition to BIM, JM Wilkerson has embraced other game-changing technologies such as Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR). By harnessing the power of AR and VR, they have revolutionized the design and visualization process, providing their clients with a realistic and immersive experience before construction even begins.

Sustainability and Green Initiatives

JM Wilkerson is committed to building a greener future. They have made significant strides in implementing eco-friendly practices and incorporating sustainable building materials into their projects. From utilizing energy-efficient systems to promoting recycling and waste reduction, they are at the forefront of sustainable construction practices.

Furthermore, JM Wilkerson actively pursues Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for their projects. This prestigious recognition showcases their dedication to environmental responsibility and their commitment to constructing buildings that not only meet the highest quality standards but also minimize their environmental impact.

Unmatched Expertise and Collaborative Approach

What sets JM Wilkerson apart from its competitors is their dedication to fostering strong partnerships and their commitment to collaboration. By understanding the unique needs and goals of their clients, they are able to tailor their solutions and deliver projects that surpass expectations in terms of quality, functionality, and efficiency.

With an experienced team of professionals who are well-versed in their respective fields, JM Wilkerson ensures that each project is executed flawlessly, from inception to completion. Their meticulous attention to detail and unwavering commitment to excellence have earned them a reputation as leaders and innovators in the construction industry.


JM Wilkerson Construction has propelled the construction industry forward through their relentless pursuit of innovation. Their utilization of cutting-edge technologies, dedication to sustainability, and collaborative approach have solidified their position as a trailblazer in the field. When it comes to cutting-edge innovations, JM Wilkerson’s contributions are unrivaled, making them the go-to choice for any construction project that demands excellence and innovation.

Building a Better Future: JM Wilkerson’s Commitment to Sustainability and Community Impact


Welcome to JM Wilkerson, where we believe in making a positive impact on society and the environment through sustainable practices and community engagement. Our commitment to building a better future sets us apart from our competitors, and we aspire to be a role model in the construction industry.

Our Approach to Sustainability

At JM Wilkerson, we understand the importance of sustainable development in today’s world. That’s why we have implemented innovative strategies to minimize our carbon footprint and promote environmentally friendly practices throughout our operations. Here are a few key areas where we focus on:

  • Green Building Materials: We emphasize the use of eco-friendly building materials, such as recycled or locally sourced materials, to reduce the environmental impact of our projects.
  • Energy Efficiency: We prioritize energy-efficient systems and technologies to minimize energy consumption and decrease greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Waste Management: Our waste management practices aim to reduce, reuse, and recycle materials wherever possible, ensuring sustainable waste disposal.
  • Water Conservation: We implement water conservation techniques, including the use of water-efficient fixtures and irrigation systems, to help preserve this precious resource.

Community Impact and Engagement

JM Wilkerson is not only committed to sustainability but also to making a positive impact on the communities where we operate. We firmly believe in giving back, and our involvement goes beyond construction projects. Here’s how we make a difference:

  • Charitable Partnerships: We collaborate with local organizations and nonprofits, providing financial support and volunteering our time to contribute towards various community welfare causes.
  • Job Creation: By creating employment opportunities, we boost the local economy and empower individuals and families, fostering long-term sustainability.
  • Education and Training: We actively promote education and skill development programs to empower individuals, enhance their employability, and contribute to the overall growth of the community.
  • Green Spaces and Recreational Areas: We prioritize the creation of green spaces and recreational areas in our projects, enhancing the quality of life for community members.

Why Choose JM Wilkerson?

When you partner with JM Wilkerson, you are not just hiring a construction company; you are joining hands with a purpose-driven organization that advocates for sustainability and community impact. By choosing us, you can expect:

  • Excellence in Construction: Our team of experts ensures top-notch construction quality, delivering projects that meet your expectations and industry standards.
  • Sustainable Solutions: We integrate sustainable practices into every aspect of our work, ensuring a positive environmental impact without compromising on quality.
  • Community-driven Approach: We are deeply committed to the welfare of the communities we serve, actively engaging and supporting local initiatives to drive positive change.
  • Long-term Partnerships: We value our clients and strive to build lasting relationships based on trust, transparency, and a shared vision for a better future.


At JM Wilkerson, our commitment to sustainability and community impact sets us apart in the construction industry. With our focus on eco-friendly practices and community engagement, we are building a better future for all. Choose JM Wilkerson for excellence, sustainability, and a lasting positive impact on your construction projects and the communities they serve.

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