The Ultimate Guide to Ranking Up in MCOC: Unveiling the Best 6-Star Champions!

Best 6-Stars to Rank Up in MCOC: Unlock Your Champion’s Potential!

Are you an avid player of Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) searching for the ultimate edge to level up your gameplay? Look no further! We understand the importance of having the best 6-star champions in MCOC and how they can significantly impact your success. In this article, we will delve into the top champions you should consider ranking up to dominate the MCOC arena.

Why Rank Up 6-Star Champions?

Raising your champion’s potential from a 5-star to a 6-star in MCOC can be a game-changer. These higher-tier champions possess enhanced abilities, stronger stats, and increased overall effectiveness in battles. By ranking up your champion, you unlock their full potential, allowing you to take on tougher opponents, conquer more challenging quests, and rise to the top of leaderboards.

Top 6-Star Champions for MCOC Ranking

1. Hyperion: Known for his impressive power and energy projection abilities, Hyperion is an excellent choice to rank up in MCOC. With his ability to generate massive damage, stagger opponents, and regenerate health, he can turn the tide of battle in your favor.

2. Ghost: This stealthy assassin brings unparalleled versatility to the battlefield. Her evasiveness, critical damage potential, and ability to phase through attacks make Ghost a formidable 6-star champion to rank up in MCOC.

3. Medusa: This cosmic powerhouse is a force to be reckoned with. Medusa’s control over her hair allows her to deal immense damage, inflict debuffs, and even reflect special attacks. Ranking up Medusa will undoubtedly level up your MCOC gameplay.

4. Void: As a master of manipulating darkness and fear, Void is a top choice for ranking up. With abilities like power drain, heal block, and fear of the void, Void can provide a tactical advantage against any challenger in MCOC.

5. Blade: With his vampire-like abilities, Blade is a dominant force in the MCOC universe. His regenerative powers, strong attack rating, and immunity to certain effects make him an ideal 6-star champion to rank up and bring victory to your battles.

6. Corvus Glaive: This powerful cosmic entity is a relentless attacker. Corvus Glaive’s unending endurance, ability to resist death, and devastating damage output make him an essential choice for any serious MCOC player looking to rank up their champions.


If you aim to climb the ranks in MCOC and conquer all opponents that come your way, ranking up your champions to become 6-star powerhouses is essential. Choosing the best 6-star champions, such as Hyperion, Ghost, Medusa, Void, Blade, and Corvus Glaive, will provide you with the necessary tools to dominate the arena. Upgrade your champions, unlock their full potential, and pave your way to MCOC glory!

Remember, ranking up your champions is critical, so keep an eye out for opportunities to acquire these powerful 6-star champions through various in-game events or special crystals. Stay committed to developing your MCOC roster, and soon you’ll be among the elite players who rule the MCOC universe.

So, what are you waiting for? Start ranking up your champions today and witness the transformative power of the best 6-stars in MCOC!

Evaluating the Top 6-Star Champions for Ranking Up

When it comes to the Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC), ranking up your champions is crucial to achieving success in the game. As players progress, they are always on the lookout for the best 6-star champions to include in their roster. In this article, we will evaluate the top 6-star champions that can help you dominate the MCOC arena and climb the ranks.

1. Ghost

Ghost possesses an incredible offensive power, making her one of the most sought-after 6-star champions. Her ability to phase and evade attacks renders her almost untouchable, allowing players to deal massive damage without taking much in return. Whether you’re questing or participating in alliance wars, Ghost will be a formidable force to reckon with.

2. Doctor Doom

Dr. Doom is another top-notch 6-star champion, armed with a vast array of abilities that make him an excellent choice for ranking up. With his powerful combination of energy attacks and crowd control, he can easily overpower opponents and dominate the battlefield. Additionally, his signature ability grants him further advantageous effects, making him a force to be reckoned with.

3. Aegon

If you’re looking for a champion that becomes stronger with each fight, Aegon is your go-to 6-star champion. Aegon’s ramp-up ability allows him to stack persistent charges, increasing his attack as the battle progresses. This makes him an exceptional choice for long quests or challenging boss fights, where his damage output reaches unprecedented levels.

4. Nick Fury

Nick Fury is a versatile and deadly 6-star champion renowned for his ability to convert Fury buffs into devastating damage. His unique mechanics allow him to cycle through different modes, each providing a different set of buffs and playstyles. With his impressive damage potential and bonus abilities, Nick Fury is undoubtedly a top-tier champion for any MCOC enthusiast.

5. Human Torch

If you prefer a champion with exceptional offensive capabilities, Human Torch is an excellent choice. With a wide range of incinerate abilities, he can deal significant damage over time while inhibiting the opponent’s healing abilities. Furthermore, Human Torch’s Nova Flame ability offers him a significant damage boost, making him a force to be reckoned with in both Alliance Wars and questing scenarios.

6. Captain Marvel (Movie)

Lastly, Captain Marvel (Movie) has earned her place among the top 6-star champions due to her immense power and versatility. Her binary ignition abilities allow her to shift between two modes, each having distinct advantages. With her increased energy damage and immunity to power drain or power steal effects, Captain Marvel (Movie) can effortlessly dominate any encounter.


When it comes to ranking up your champions in MCOC, choosing the best 6-star champions is paramount. Ghost, Doctor Doom, Aegon, Nick Fury, Human Torch, and Captain Marvel (Movie) are among the elite options available to players. Their unique abilities and impressive power make them formidable contenders in any battle. So, select your champions wisely and climb the ranks to victory in the Marvel Contest of Champions!

Best 6-Stars to Rank Up MCOC: Tips and Strategies for Maximizing the Potential of Your 6-Star Champions

If you are an avid player of Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC), you know that having a strong roster is crucial for success. As you progress in the game, you’ll eventually unlock the ability to rank up your champions to 6-stars. This opens up a whole new world of possibilities, as 6-star champions possess immense power and potential. In this article, we will discuss the best 6-stars to rank up in MCOC and provide you with tips and strategies to maximize their potential.

1. Ghost

Ghost is widely regarded as one of the best 6-stars in MCOC. Her ability to phase through attacks and deal devastating damage makes her a formidable opponent. When ranking up Ghost, focus on increasing her signature ability, which enhances her offensive capabilities. Pair her with the Wasp synergy for additional evades and critical damage, making her an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

2. Omega Red

Omega Red is another top-tier 6-star champion that dominates in Alliance Wars and Alliance Quests. His ability to control the flow of the fight using his Death Field and Life Steal abilities makes him a force to be reckoned with. Rank up Omega Red to improve his offensive potential and increase his damage output. Pair him with champions that inflict bleed effects for maximum synergy and watch him obliterate your opponents.

3. Captain Marvel (Movie)

Captain Marvel (Movie) is an exceptional 6-star champion that shines in longer fights. As her health decreases, her Binary Ignition ability kicks in, granting her increased damage output and durability. Rank her up to maximize her potential and make her an unstoppable force. For synergies, pair her with champions that provide additional power gains or enhance her energy damage to unleash her true potential.

4. Quake

Quake is a unique 6-star champion known for her ability to control the fight with her seismic waves. She can avoid most incoming damage by quickly dashing back and evading attacks. Ranking up Quake will enhance her offensive capabilities and improve her ability to dismantle opponents with her heavy attacks. Pair her with champions that provide stun duration or enhance critical damage to amplify her impact on the battlefield.

5. Sunspot

Sunspot is a powerhouse when it comes to 6-star champions. His ability to convert his stored charges into additional damage makes him a deadly opponent. Ranking up Sunspot will increase his damage potential and allow you to deal massive amounts of damage in a short period. Pair him with champions that provide additional energy damage or power control to maximize his potential.

6. Nick Fury

Nick Fury is a versatile 6-star champion that excels in a variety of game modes. His ability to chain multiple Special 2 attacks and inflict various debuffs on opponents makes him a valuable asset. Rank up Nick Fury to improve his offensive abilities and increase the potency of his debuffs. Pair him with champions that provide additional bleed or poison effects to amplify his damage output.


Ranking up your 6-star champions in MCOC is essential for pushing your limits and achieving success. The champions mentioned above, including Ghost, Omega Red, Captain Marvel (Movie), Quake, Sunspot, and Nick Fury, have proven to be some of the best choices for ranking up. Remember to focus on enhancing their signature abilities, synergize them with compatible champions, and watch them dominate the battlefield. So, gear up, collect resources, and unleash the true potential of your 6-star champions in Marvel Contest of Champions!

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