Unlocking the Power of 530-752-1011: A Comprehensive Guide to UC Davis’ Most Important Telephone Number

Understanding the Purpose of 530-752-1011: An Overview of UC Davis’ Central Phone Number

An Introduction to UC Davis’ Central Phone Number

UC Davis, one of the top-ranking public research universities in the United States, uses the central phone number 530-752-1011 as a primary contact point for its diverse range of students, faculty, and staff. This phone number serves as the gateway to valuable information, resources, and assistance that UC Davis offers.

Why is 530-752-1011 Important?

The central phone number, 530-752-1011, plays a crucial role in connecting individuals within the UC Davis community to the right departments, services, and facilities. Whether you are a prospective student, a current student, a parent, an alumni, or a member of the public, this number is designed to efficiently address your needs.

Services and Assistance Available at 530-752-1011

By dialing 530-752-1011, you gain access to a variety of essential services and assistance, including:

  • Admissions inquiries
  • Financial aid and scholarships
  • Academic and career counseling
  • Campus tours and visitor information
  • Classroom and lecture hall reservations
  • Library and research assistance
  • IT support and technical troubleshooting
  • Campus event information

These are just a few examples of the many ways in which the central phone number, 530-752-1011, can assist you in navigating and maximizing your experience at UC Davis.

Why Choose UC Davis?

UC Davis is renowned for its commitment to excellence in education, research, and public service. With a vibrant campus community, extensive academic programs, and a wide range of resources and facilities, UC Davis offers its students unmatched opportunities for personal and intellectual growth.

By reaching out to 530-752-1011, you can get connected to knowledgeable and friendly staff who are dedicated to providing assistance tailored to your specific needs and interests. Whether you are looking to apply, need support during your time at UC Davis, or have questions about campus life, this central phone number is your gateway to exploring all that UC Davis has to offer.


The central phone number, 530-752-1011, serves as a pivotal point of contact for the UC Davis community. No matter what assistance or information you seek, dialing this number will connect you with the right department or service. Make the most of your UC Davis experience by utilizing the resources available through this central phone number.

Remember, whether you are a prospective student, a current student, or a member of the general public, 530-752-1011 is the key to unlocking the UC Davis world of knowledge, support, and opportunities.

The Services Available through 530-752-1011: A Detailed Look at UC Davis’ Telephone Resources

If you are a student, staff member, or faculty at UC Davis, you may already be familiar with the phone number 530-752-1011. Serving as the main contact number for the university, this number connects you to a wide range of valuable resources and services available on campus.

Academic Resources

One of the key services provided through 530-752-1011 is access to academic resources. Whether you need information about course registration, academic advising, or campus libraries, a simple phone call to this number will connect you to knowledgeable representatives who can assist you with your inquiries.

Library Services

The UC Davis library system is renowned for its extensive collections and research resources. By dialing 530-752-1011, you can find information about library hours, borrowing privileges, and research assistance. The dedicated team of librarians is always ready to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Campus Information

UC Davis is a large and vibrant campus, and staying informed about the various events, services, and facilities can sometimes be challenging. However, by dialing 530-752-1011, you can gain access to a wealth of campus information. From locating specific departments to finding dining options or even getting directions, the knowledgeable staff on the other end of the line are prepared to assist you.

Emergency Services

It is comforting to know that help is just a phone call away in case of an emergency. By dialing 530-752-1011, you can immediately reach UC Davis’ emergency services, including the campus police department and medical assistance. This dedicated emergency hotline ensures that you can quickly get the help and support you need, 24/7.

Technology Support

UC Davis places a strong emphasis on technology and offers a wide range of technological resources to its community. In case you encounter any issues with university-provided devices or need assistance with accessing online platforms, dialing 530-752-1011 will connect you to the IT support team. They can guide you through troubleshooting steps or provide an in-person appointment if required.

Telephone Services

As the main contact number for the university, 530-752-1011 also serves as a gateway to resolving any telephone-related matters. Whether you need help with voicemail setup, call forwarding, or understanding the university’s telephone policies, the telephone services department can address your concerns promptly and efficiently.


The range of valuable services available through 530-752-1011 highlights the commitment of UC Davis to provide comprehensive support to its students, staff, and faculty. From academic resources and campus information to emergency services and technical support, this number connects you to the knowledgeable and dedicated individuals who can assist you with your inquiries. So, the next time you need help or have a question, pick up your phone and dial 530-752-1011 for swift and reliable assistance.

Tips and Tricks for Utilizing 530-752-1011: How to Maximize the Benefits of UC Davis’ Essential Phone Number

Are you a student, faculty member, or staff at UC Davis? If so, you probably know the importance of the phone number 530-752-1011. It is an essential communication tool that can provide you with a multitude of services and support. In this article, we will share some valuable tips and tricks to help you make the most of 530-752-1011 and maximize its benefits.

1. Quick Access to Campus Emergency Services

One of the primary advantages of 530-752-1011 is its direct link to campus emergency services. In case of an urgent situation, you can quickly contact the UC Davis Police Department for immediate assistance. Store this number in your phone’s contacts for easy access during emergencies.

2. Easy Access to Student Health and Counseling Services

When it comes to your well-being, UC Davis provides exceptional support through their Student Health and Counseling Services. By dialing 530-752-1011, you can schedule appointments, inquire about health insurance, or seek guidance on mental health issues. The professionals at Student Health and Counseling Services are readily available to offer assistance and ensure your well-being.

3. Technical Support and IT Services

Having trouble with your UC Davis email, WiFi connection, or any technical issues? Don’t fret! 530-752-1011 connects you to the UC Davis IT Express team. They can provide quick solutions to your tech-related problems or guide you through troubleshooting steps. Their expertise and assistance can save you time and frustration.

4. Library and Research Support

For students and researchers, the UC Davis Library is an invaluable resource. Dialing 530-752-1011 allows you to access support for finding resources, research assistance, and guidance on utilizing the library’s vast collection. Their knowledgeable staff can help you navigate databases, locate books, and answer any questions you may have.

5. Administrative Assistance

Are you in need of administrative guidance or have questions about registration, financial aid, or campus services? 530-752-1011 provides a direct line to the UC Davis Administration offices. Their helpful staff can address your concerns and provide valuable information to ensure a smooth experience throughout your academic journey.


In summary, 530-752-1011 is a crucial phone number for all members of the UC Davis community. By utilizing this number effectively, you can access emergency services, health support, technical assistance, research guidance, and administrative information. Store this number in your contacts and take advantage of the multitude of benefits it offers. Remember, when it comes to UC Davis, 530-752-1011 is the key to unlocking a world of support!

  • Quick Access to Campus Emergency Services
  • Easy Access to Student Health and Counseling Services
  • Technical Support and IT Services
  • Library and Research Support
  • Administrative Assistance

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